Emirhan bulut

Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer (Team-Lead)


Welcome to my personal portfolio website. On this website, I will tell you about my projects, my vision and my mission. I will share videos about my work in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.


MACHINE LEARNING Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence)


Erik Erlandson, PMP, CSPO
– Erik Erlandson, PMP, CSPO – Retired EDA Platform Architect at Intel Corporation

Emirhan is a very intelligent and energetic person with highly creative as well as technical skills. His knowledge base is not reflected by his educational background alone, as he is also very adept at learning and developing new skills and knowledge far beyond what is documented. I would strongly recommend Emirhan for a leadership position on any new technology development team.

Erik Erlandson, PMP, CSPO – Retired EDA Platform Architect at Intel Corporation


“Emirhan is not only a brilliant and precise researcher but also an inspiring person. Clever, intelligent, excellent and well oriented researcher who can be trusted. Loyal, insightful and independent. Energetic and broad-minded researcher – that’s him! Detail oriented team player. Besides being a joy to work with, Emirhan is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company. Definitely someone I’d want to to have on my team.”

– Fırat Siller @ AGT COURIER INC. General Manager

Ricky Rachmat - Founder at Canvis Tech
Ricky Rachmat – Founder at Canvis Tech

“Emirhan is an excellent developer with grit and determination. He started his journey very early and taught himself how to code. He acquired a great problem solving skill through his self-taught journey. He had been innovating on Machine Learning projects, one of them is COVID-19 ML prediction and classification. The AI manage to predict which gender are more vulnerable to specific COVID-19 variant with high accuracy.”

Ricky RachmatFounder at Canvis Tech

Dr. Akeem Abujade, DBA
Dr. Akeem Abujade, DBA – Innovation Idea Officer

Emirhan is someone to be watched out for because he possesses the mind that will use AI engineering to transform the healthcare ecosystem. For instance, he developed Covid-19 Mu Variant [B.1.621] Prediction and Classification Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Software according to various parameters. He is an expert in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and, overall, an inventor. As it is, his skills will create an unlimited job space for new entrants in the AI market and create opportunities for organizations. It takes a special mind to use their skills to improve humanity. Also, I hope to work more with him in the future.

Dr. Akeem Abujade, DBA @ Innovation Idea Officer

Interested in learning more about me?
I established Turkey’s first and only artificial intelligence platform on November 6, 2020 without any profit. The platform sites I own are as follows.