My Artificial Intelligence Projects

Emirhan bulut

My Artificial Intelligence Projects

Scope of Project

Classification and analysis of data

Making predictions for future years from the data

Data processing based on artificial intelligence principles

Making predictions with data with machine learning, deep learning a sub-branch of artificial intelligence

Project Summary

I can adjust the classification of your data using machine learning. I am improving myself on this. Accurate predictions can be made by making more moderate classifications with the decision tree, Bagging algorithm, ADA algorithm, Random Forest, Neural Network or etc. methods.

I am also improving myself in the field of supervised learning or unsupervised learning and neural networks.
I will be glad to give you a professional in artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning).

Wind Installations predictive Machine Learning Decision Tree My Project
Wind Installations predictive Machine Learning Decision Tree My Project. I am machine learning specialist. From my decision tree works :))) A machine learning projects (A artificial intelligence projects) 🙂

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