Car insurance

Car insurance

Car insurance is a type of insurance in our country as a compulsory type of insurance. Traffic insurance, your vehicle is in an accident involvement in the party against you give to pay for the material damage is done. This is an important aspect of the guarantees.

Traffic insurance, casco insurance, the logic is a little different. First of all, such as insurance is not optional. Tool if you have insurance at the time of your tercihinizken, traffic to your insurance has to be citizens of the Republic of Turkey as complete a task in which you will be liable. Insurance of insurance in the different content services, and there is no guarantee amount is the same for all companies.

Non-mandatory traffic insurance has expired or in case of renewal of tools currently being noticed by the traffic police, by connecting to the vehicle and the traffic flow is stopped. Traffic insurance is a tool that is not compensate the damage experienced is obliged to pay to the other party for pocket to pay the amount of compensation shall be punished. However, this penalty this is not just. The punishment that aggravate both vehicles from the road for one to be men, both uninsured for each month spent 5 %of the decreased interest for delay is also included.

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