Health insurance

Health insurance

People,since the dawn of history instinctively themselves from the dangers and risks of trying to protect some of these hazards and risks is knowing in advance or by anticipating various measures are taken. This is why, today, among the objectives of all societies, over time, developed a modern protection system called the social security system to cover everyone. However,the social security system to be extended to everyone, and increasing quality and extent of the service provided, it emerges as a serious problem. The social security system throughout the 20th century, progress,and after that, towards the end of this century, serious criticism and have been the subject of debate. This is the major topics of the discussions, social security spending, the increase in the share in the public budget, as a result of the rise, however, and satisfactory service, therefore, is shown in the breast .

In the field of social security of the offered services satisfactory to transform it into a shape yapilansosyal security reform, despite the increase of the satisfaction of the Social Security Institutions, healthcare services, taking also share is increasing every day,the system of ‘sustainability’ quality has led to the discussion. However, as also, in the field of health the public to the necessity of reducing the burden is on the agenda, and ‘Supplemental Health Insurance (TSS), presented as the solution. TSS, the year 2000 in from constantly being discussed. The lawmaker, the General Health Insurance (GSS), while the application of the system, washed at a particular point in the beginning of the work that should have guessed that, complementary or supplementary private health insurance, with a partial opening has made. Ultimately, ayrintilikanuni an edit is made, the Social Security Institution (SGK) published 28.06.2012 date 2012/25 the ‘Complementary or supplementary Health Insurance Applications, titled’ the Circular was observed. By SSI any Legal arrangement, without the Circular tss to direction to be given, goodwill will be evaluated as an indicator.

The social Security system came to our spot, and services offered by the private insurance of the Social Security system of our social effects of the implications of a detailed examination and discussion are required. In our review, the Circular referred to the GSS, and TSS how the application will be activated, and that this functional is the result of how they are impressed by the parties shall not in depth, within the framework of a general evaluation will be discussed.

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