Is not the base station harmful

Is not the base station harmful?

Yes friends,

For questions called a base station can be harmful. The base station is really so harmful? I think mobile phones are more harmful. Why? The answer is here…

For 900 MHz 1800 MHz base stations are typically 10,26 SDD V/M and 12% exceed the level of SDD. So on average, 10 V/M shall not exceed equal to DC. Also, a base station, Radio tower or a base station base stations mobile phone with operating system i.e. Android or iPhone English final luminescence value less than the value of the SAR is to spread.

He has been raised in the past 2G (edge) technology, typically 800 MHz base stations, sat. 800 MHz, 2600 MHz, are compared with the values emit less radiation. The reason for this is there is more space, less user.

So growing readers can more easily increasing the number of base stations, and Communication and life. Usually kills the cells and DNA base stations among the people to be very harmful hydraulic-mail, a shifter mechanism has a place in the memory of the people, and unfortunately, this belief is still wrong and the consciousness of the people is located in our brain.

In our country, 15 V/M does not exceed, although the border is drawn 40 V/m ionization, radiation protection, the International Commission on the European Union Council. If our base stations in the country, how people live, I am very curious says it’s too dangerous. Do you not think so? If people in our country abroad in any way under the influence of this radiation 40 V/m, what’s the rush? My brother carrying pocket, 2 cell phone, how about you? What Have you heard of this mud throwing?

Base station radiation values, our country and the eye is quite normal in the days we burned from a base station copper cable fiber those readers who believe that as long as it is not possible to make progress despite the fact that he stole in between.

BTK medical reports and usually reasonably appropriate base stations were established, no problem!

Hopefully we’ll be ready to have a nice day regains an open society in all directions. Turkey will rise…forever

Base station researcher Emirhan BULUT

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