Medical insurance

Medical insurance

The social side of intense opposition in the Parliament to be adopted as May in the month the Official Gazette of the Social insurance and General Health Insurance, the second leg of the Law enters into force from October 1. Working life in the new period as from October 1, the new regulations to come into force from the very Bond-the people that will be affected. In the new era of patients in case of emergency hospital which cannot be turned back from the door will.

The law, pension, benefits, and the number of days in the calculation of pension rate to be used in relation to the provisions of May in the month, came into force. The law weights for health services and the arrangements for involving the second leg of October beginning with the entry into force of principles on the right to social security, they change radically.

Employee salaries and pensions of retirees health institutions will be interrupted, and girls over the age of 18 will not look for discussions with the experts did not participate. Continue to work after retirement from October 1, to those of pensions will be cut off in the direction of comments, experts of this provision for the first time after October 1 insured persons will involve said. The experts, on the system before October 1 of those affected by specifying that the law did not work backwards they sold him for a moment.

1.10.2008 506 on social security Law has been abolished, and instead of no. 5510 on Social Security Law came into force. SSI is in the scope of the General Health Insurance is 01.10.2008 in the Green Card from the date of application, preparation of the infrastructure due to lack of 01.01.2012 Date has been postponed.

1 January 2012, which will begin the implementation of the General concept of the family is covered by Health Insurance for each family member, instead of the General Health Insurance application will be started. In current practice, due to lower revenues in the Green Card and the Social Security services in the field of it application to 31.12.2011 as of the date of the last, but not to be master card for those who are a priority for the means test will be given the certainty that we are winning.

01 January 2012 from the date of application of the General Health Insurance for all family members, number of citizenship on the basis of the means test will be implemented. January 2012 period, the estimated minimum wage 862,00 tl 1/3 of the 287,33 TL those under the green card application to be made. This income on income in the hands of those who have been paying a premium to benefit from the health services will be able to find.

A complex due to the application of the law there will be a period to be very problematic. The age of the regular operation, which will create considerable confusion.

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