The base station and contents

The base station and contents

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The base station and the contents of the subject today. As we know, 5 kinds of main frequency base stations and the option is there.

800 Megahertz (800 MHz) – 0.8 GHz SDD

900 Megahertz (900 MHz) – 0.9 GHz SDD

1800 Megahertz (1800 MHz) – 1.8 GHz SDD

2100 Megahertz (2100 MHz) – 2.1 GHz SDD

2600 Megahertz (2600 MHz) – 2.6 GHz TDD

A base station typically is output from a port. So what is the meaning of our communication that provides the huge masts. Let’s make a short description of the bride;

Baz istasyonu ve içindekiler

Baz istasyonu içerisinde bulunan anten, mini-link ver radyolink hakkında yazmış olduğum kapsamlı bir makale ve köşe yazısı.

What is base station?

If the main frequency output is occurring on a port base stations 5, and the content (ingredient) mini-link, radio link, and antenna.

What is Mini-Link?

Mini-link at the base stations where the instrument is located on the internet on our own, although only if it puts the tools in the class mini-link, mini-link, it would do injustice. Gotta the spread of the Internet, the air waves, output port, server, and a magnificent structure which has mini-base stations typically indispensable link.

Here’s a mini-link photo:

Baz istasyonu ve içindekiler

Base station with mini-link system representing a real photo and it’s showing.

What is Radiolink?

As we know our own mobile phone and base station that connects radiolink system. If he thinks you can simply think of it as a highway that provides GSM Jul. Radiolink base stations since the installation of the system typically. Let’s examine radio link the picture here…

Baz istasyonu ve içindekiler

Representing the real in the base station radio link system and showing a photo…

What is antenna?

The antenna of the base station main system. So natural (natural) as base stations and antennas for base station systems that are absolutely essential. Where is the antenna at the base station because the whole system depends on. Base station frequencies, etc. the whole thing depends on the antenna. It is worth noting the picture of the antenna tell:

Baz istasyonu ve içindekiler

A photo showing the antenna system and the base station representing the real in…

Expression in English is used with two base stations. Someone with a ‘base station’ i.e. a base station, another ‘cell Tower so the cell Tower refers to. Typically, antennas in the 1800 MHz (1.8 GHz) is formed.

A favorite topic in the world few base stations in our country, and indeed, very much reduced Google search on a word-search number of current. Base stations that belong to the electrical and electronic section The electronic section is sine qua non for communication.

But we can see that fiber cables and base stations stolen is burned, the damage to the antenna is given. Although it is indeed a pain to see the elements of this crime against them to be found in time to be a separate effort. Communication is moving fast, technology is rapidly evolving, although not on the agenda with them back to the base stations 5G gws version sits.

I wish you the best of the days of new base stations, take care!

Base station researcher Emirhan BULUT

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