Values of base station radiation (ICNIRP)

Values of base station radiation (ICNIRP)

What is base station?

British English the word base Base base, base, of the main words in Turkish is a form of the past.
Silent radio systems, however, the donor antenna comprises base stations and receives signals, and pronounced the reading of the sensor so it sends a signal transmitter consists of two antennas.

Coverage of all base stations standard?

Important forces base stations and targeted coverage with the dignity sorties-Scale Stations , Micro-worthless-Scale stations and more junk Piko-Scale Stations are divided into as the top class. Antenna height, geographical conditions and the output power of the station is bounded as 0-35km range in field service alone can give. Important macro-Scale Stations: widespread coverage in rural areas is less pronounced with a desired layout on rural roads are established. Micro-worthless-Scale stations: industry, Telephone subscribers where they are on the streets and squares as the needle of the buckling, the effective capacity established in the desired application. More junk Piko-Scale Stations: treatment centers, plazas, hotels, such as only are special applications that will give their service to the building.

Much more base stations are being installed into the city; outside the city this allegory, for example, only high up the hill, only similar to the base station if it is installed, yet wouldn’t it be useful?

Just because it is from television or radio station transmitters are only suitable for publication United so our TV or our radio receives the signal only is no form of communication, our image or our voices can’t send back, so that the transmitter can never benefit millions of similar receptors. However, buckling both Reaper and telephony systems to become a donor
it has to. So just for not listening to the other side which is the side used to send our voices to “receive signal\ \signal\ phone running as cracking down capacitance in the system reveals the problem. Roughly, each base station at the same time, being able to get through to subscribers is limited by the capacity of approximately 100. aha for these reasons, subscribers portable to be able to get through hundreds of operators spelled in accordance with the rate intervals of the user and the person about the option of setting up their base stations to the site.

Well, to be sure of base stations can be said?

Base station applications in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as the entire community is made to information and communication technologies applied to the institution are examined in detail spelled made prior to installation; after the installation, the relevant the base station is controlled conform the allegory of conditions in reference tamlanan.

Well that is harmful to the core stations of the season called?

Society of nuclear radiation, radio waves and electromagnetic fields caused by the effects of warming, precipitation confuse the phone.. the base stations in common that they are harmful to science stems from a lack of error or misinformation sounding rhetoric. in all the world, this is extremely common of a system for providing care to society
that are detrimental to health is robust in the environment in the current era is not possible. Electromagnetic radiation and the glade below are given detailed information yet.

What is the EMF of the electromagnetic flatness?

The electromagnetic field consists of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves waves that consist of flow speed and magnetic field components e tekerekoğlu plain and Vitality. In daily life, sounding the receipt of a radio signal from a television receiver anywhere, in front of a computer screen, such as an electric blanket or microwave oven electrical appliances
we use the electromagnetic waves we are exposed to in the cases.

What are the sources of electromagnetic energy?

Pedestrian systems that work with electrical energy are the main sources of electromagnetic energy. diary of our survival using these systems constantly challenge the electric and magnetic uninformed, or we are facing. Some of them are listed below;

Various Electric home appliances, refrigerators, washing machine, iron, mixer, drop the robot, hair dryer, etc.

Television screens and electronic brain
Fluorescent and halogen lamps
Electrical medical devices that are used in the treatment
Energy determination of the lines spelled Converter stations
Radio, TV, and radio stations antennas of the GSM system the donor
Radar systems and no-one) communication systems


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What is the severity of the flatness to the cause of electrical home appliances?

Operating voltage = 110 – 220V , labour, frequency = 60 Hz, average-size = 30 cm
The device has a flat charm, intensity, V/M

250 Electric blankets
250 microwave oven
130 Kettle
While 100 Notebook Wireless is turned on
Stereo 90
Scuba behind a computer monitor 80
Refrigerator 60
Iron 60
50 mixer
40 the Toaster
40 a hair dryer
30 on television
Coffee Maker 30
Tube 25 in front of a computer monitor
The vacuum cleaner 16
5-15 Mobile Phone
Wireless cevirge 5 – 10

The base station 10

Next in order can be understood from the illustration of the base station the field strength is more than yet more durable electrical goods that we use in our homes is low.

What is Radiation?

Radiation, spelled metastasis radiating means. the radiation object), in the sense that the energy is absorbed into space in waves or particles photons. Radiation, ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation are divided into two categories for the purpose of completion.

Is there any radiation in mobile phones? We’re afraid of the radiation that is emitted from this radiation of Chernobyl is it?

Is there any radiation in mobile phones? We’re afraid of the radiation that is emitted from this radiation of Chernobyl is it?
No. there is no similarity with the buckling joint nuclear positioning radio waves from phones of radiation. Nuclear radiation-specific uranium, radioactive elements such as plutonium are required. buckling widespread all over the world the phone is not the word to use these only in the system is economical. Definitely you need to deploy radio wave for wireless communication. Cell phones use radio waves for wireless communication which is the purpose of a digital radio transceiver excrete.

The electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile phones base stations incitmebeni spelled?

No, too much exposure to ionizing rays, the ionizing drug, affecting the genetic structure of living cells, DNA mutation pronounced cancer-due to open in the air with is dangerous. However, the base station RF radio frequency used by portable phones spelled pronounced waves are not ionizing, non-ionizing, non-ionizing em radiation group engage. Nowadays, with microwave electromagnetic waves in the spectrum between 800MHz 2000mhz pronounced. energy that travels through space international non-Commission officer radiation protection ICNIRP limit value allocated to the base stations determined by 41.2 Volts/meter, and, considering the pronounced Adam’s peripheral CDE T. K. K. of a button a child’s health in terms of injunctive relief, the admission that the asset is good, but anything for the sake of team-determined limit value shall not exceed ¼ of a quarter. In addition, a review is conducted after installation of the base station during the setup phase, measurement results whether the applicant has met the conditions spelled spelled about the suitability of the technologies of information communications authority (itca) is overseen by.

Buckling in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the former being used in telephone systems?

We use technology for the purpose of refurbishing the Permanent cracking down on cracking down on the phones, such as phone systems must also be renewed. used in negative form in hand and the customer’s phone does not support the reading needs will not be covered. buckling systems are fully modern phone systems and these systems working in accordance with the criteria applied in the world even though it shows little distinction of the world works the same way in any country of the spouse; in this way, our reading of the environment or any European country same phone with Libby alone in the country, the circulation of money we can easily.

What are the issues to be vigilance when using mobile phone devices in terms of our health?

The effect of electromagnetic waves from the mobile device, particularly during the negotiation to deal close and if they kept for a long time arises. This effect reduces the material in the use of the long talks or a Bluetooth headset. Moving devices also, the negotiation-specific communication with the base station by pressing the key taharri much force the CAG to prepare to strike floor when responding dusuncesinc spends spelled, the pronunciation, and yet sitting alone with the power to outrun low works. Therefore taharri key presses as soon as the device responds to your ear instead of taking it to the man you are looking for, after the device at the ear , relative to the effect of the electromagnetic waves decreases.

d= √30.Pⁿ¨¹°

P on d is equal to 30 times the root g (n) divided by 10.

This calculation is energy that travels through space in the international non-komisyonui icnirplimit radiation protection have been taken into consideration. These values are accepted by 42 countries, including the United States and the member countries of the European Union are values that are. In our country, approximately 1/4 of the value per device measurement limit values acceptable % a response path GSM 900 10.23 V/m, in order GSM1800 14.46 V/M 15 spelled for the sake of GSM 3G video 2000 V/M as compared to labor and other fixed reading of frequencies in the telecommunications system has been the admission table showing limit values.
Read this article carefully, I believe that the values will be written about base station radiation.


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Thanks You,

Base station researcher Emirhan BULUT

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  1. Mark John

    What is base station radiation? I know very well the answers to such questions. I read your makaleniz. it really was an informative article about the base station. Base station radiation value is very important.

  2. Jonathan Ross

    The base station radiation value is too low to allow base stations to be considered harmless. The base station is not harmful. Base station radiation values ​​are too low. ICNIRP calculated it. I think the base station is a very useful and fun electronic mechanism. The world will be pumping the base stations with 5G in 2020.

  3. Joseph Yaya

    Despite the fact that the harmful effects on health are not clinically detectable, it is necessary to interpret it as acceptance that there is negative effect of the doubts on this subject because it is human health and environmental effects.
    As is the case in our country, the administrative authorities and the citizens do not show the necessary sensitivity and a great health risk is taken into consideration.
    How many people complained about the use of mobile phone for a moment? The device that is caused by the terrible ignorance about you. the reason for this is usually the panic created by the radiation word reflex.

    Base stations and similar devices operate in the frequency ranges referred to as microwaves. microwave ovens etc. Because they are mainly located in the infrared electromagnetic radiation zone, the effect on the body may be slightly increased by the body temperature, which is too low to be noticeable when considering the power range of the base stations. (make sure the warmed asphalt you walk on the summer day is emitting more radiation).

    To be able to cause cancer, radiation must have radiation levels that are high enough to affect intramolecular bonds, termed “ionizing radiation.” the radiation at this level extends from the purple zone of the visible spectrum (yes my good friend, the visible light is radiated, but before he decides to live in darkness) to the frequency ranges called ultraviolet, x and gamma rays. (do not you know, gamma ray, x ray).

    You will understand that the reaction to devices called base stations is completely unfounded. usually because the concept of radiation has not been explained, and people are admired for conspiracy theories.

  4. Caroline Stanford

    In some strange cases, there is a belief that these devices are new inventions. they think that we have invented the waves, we are currently installing base stations. the waves of base stations have begun to be used for the first time in the second world war time, and since then research has been done on them. As nobody has accepted, there is no harm to date.

    Ignore the words “harmful to my opinion” with infomercial stuff. Search for the subject. There are tons of research done by scientists. read, you will see similarities between the boys versus the base stations, versus the boys at the time.

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